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Systems Interface is your trusted leader in aerospace control system applications. With a legacy spanning over 30 years, we're at the forefront of precision and innovation in the aerospace industry. We have completed numerous different applications in not just aerospace, but rocket controls, and more.
Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX-1)

Aerospace projects generally require additional considerations given regulated safety and large-scale aircraft/spacecraft manufacturing processes.  Projects should start with a clear scope and detailed specifications and requirements and then follow a specific tailored design process to ensure project requirements are met. 

Getting Started

Systems Interface experience in the aerospace industry spans 30+ years and many hundreds of projects.  Our approach is to use a requirements-based design approach.  Additional considerations factoring into the design may include: 

Safety and Reliability 

Regulatory Compliance 

Traceability and Documentation 

Customization and Scalability 

Manufacturing Environmental Constraints 

Legacy System Integration 

Redundancy and Fault Tolerance 

Rigorous Testing and Validation Approaches 

Partner Collaboration 

Data Security  

Long Aircraft Service Life Considerations 

To get started, we will work to clarify specifications and requirements and a clear functional process description.  We will then work through a multi-phase engineering design process with customer reviews.  Lastly, an implementation plan coupled with a tailored test strategy and specific plan will be developed and executed in partnership with the customer. 


Application Experience

Service and support are critical to maintaining the levels of uptime required for this industry. We offer the following services and more.

Large Aircraft Assembly

Airplane Wing Panel Sling Crane Control System

Scissor Lift Collision Avoidance System

Crane Control Systems

Sealaunch Activator Positioning System

Material Handling Systems, Load Bars, Forming Corridors

Ovens, Furnaces, Autoclaves, Boilers, Presses

Vaccuum Pump Systems and Holdowns

Tube Straightners, Taper Grinders, Polishers, Bandsaws

Groundwater Remediation Services

Tankline Controls

Alarm Systems

Project Showcase

Elevating Safety: Scissor Lift
Collision Avoidance System

The Imperative for Collision Avoidance

Safety is paramount in any workplace, and scissor lifts are no exception. Collisions, whether with structures, objects, or other machinery, can result in severe injuries or even fatalities. Traditional safety measures, such as spotter personnel, can be fallible and subject to human error. Scissor Lift Collision Avoidance Systems are designed to mitigate these risks, enhancing worker safety and operational efficiency.

Systems Interface sets itself apart from other companies with an unwavering commitment to flexibility in meeting customer-specified designs and production requirements. Whether it's providing engineering support, building to order, or refining designs for the next stage, we serve as your dedicated partner in control assembly.

With a rich history, we've successfully constructed thousands of power distribution stations, and machine vision inventory tracking systems, and integrated hundreds of collision avoidance systems into industrial trucks and movable structures. These systems aren't just components; they're integral to safety.

Currently, we're advancing safety measures further with the development of an advanced safety system. This innovative solution incorporates photoelectric and physical sensors, adding an extra layer of protection to hundreds of industrial trucks and man lifts during their final assembly stages. Crucially, this system enhances safety without making permanent modifications to the equipment. While normal operations proceed seamlessly, the system stands as a vigilant guardian. It alerts the operator and halts movement upon proximity risks, allowing movement only away from the point of impact.

Project Showcase

Soaring to New Heights:
Overhead Crane Systems

The Backbone of Manufacturing

In the world of aerospace manufacturing, accuracy and efficiency are non-negotiable. Aerospace manufacturers owe much of their success to the ingenious use of Overhead Crane Systems. These towering mechanical marvels play a pivotal role in the production process, revolutionizing the way they design and build their aircraft.

Over the years, we've undertaken numerous projects involving overhead cranes customized for the aerospace and space industries, showcasing our expertise in this field. These cranes play a crucial role in the secure transportation of large materials and components throughout the workspace.

Beyond our crane capabilities, we've made significant contributions to safety through the implementation of state-of-the-art collision avoidance systems. These systems seamlessly establish wireless connections among multiple cranes, facilitating coordinated lifting maneuvers for substantial items. Equipped with advanced sensors, they autonomously detect and decelerate when approaching another crane, ensuring heightened operational safety and efficiency. Elevate your operations with our proven solutions.

Project Showcase

AGTV: Advancing Aviation with Seamless Motion Control and Safety Innovation

Precision in Motion

Introducing our AGTV – an advanced, self-contained 2-axis motion control system meticulously engineered for optimal performance.
Employing cutting-edge 3-D Lidar technology, AGTV establishes a robust collision avoidance system to elevate safety standards. Its autonomous servo steering control and tow-path guidance system enhance precision and operational efficiency. Featuring platform scissor lifts, AGTV ensures secure operator access to the aircraft's nose area, optimizing maneuverability with safety in mind. Powered by a dependable self-contained battery energy source, AGTV drives motive power, steering, control functions, and operator features. Explore the future of motion control excellence with AGTV.
Interested in learning more? Let's connect and delve into how AGTV can enhance your operations.

Project Gallery

Design and construct panels and drives for diverse applications within the Aerospace Industry, including but not limited to Vacuum Pumps, Collision Avoidance Systems, Ovens, and more.

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