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Arc flash Assessments

NFPA 70E requires an updated arc flash hazard analysis after any substantive change to a plant area's electrical system or on a periodic basis, typically every 3-5 years.  This analysis requires specific electrical engineering knowledge and access to modeling software to complete.  For these reasons, companies typically rely on power study providers for this analysis. 

 A complete power study/arc flash analysis includes the following deliverables: 

  • Short Circuit Study 

    • Calculated fault currents  

    • Equipment interrupting ratings 

    • Recommendations for any under-rated devices 

  • One-line Impedance Diagram 

    • Electrical one-line diagram format 

    • Transformer KVA, voltage, impedance ratings 

    • Circuit X/R rations and short circuit values 

    • Feeder sizes and lengths 

    • Utility contribution 

    • Motor horsepower 

  • Protective Device Coordination Study 

    • List of protective devices with relevant device data 

    • Plotted time-current curves 

    • Determination of correct settings for fuses, circuit breakers, and protective relays 

  • Arc Flash Study 

    • Determination of incident energy, arc flash boundary, and PPE requirements for panelboards and switchboards 

    • ANSI compliant color coded arc flash warning labels 

Inspiration. Innovation. Industrial Integration.

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