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Automation Controls

Seamless Automation, Limitless Possibilities
When setting goals for a new or upgraded control system, organizations should think about various objectives to figure out what the system needs. We get that your goals are important, and we're here to help you find a solution that matches exactly what you're looking for.

Our Approach

Systems Interface customizes its approach to meet your objectives precisely, ensuring seamless alignment with your goals by organizing your requirements, project scope, and proposal through an engineered approach.
1. Specifications:
Every project should kick off with well-documented requirements, whether they come from discovery or customer specifications. These requirements should be firmly grounded in the business and performance goals of the new or upgraded system. They need to cover functionality, usability, reliability, and supportability, ensuring a comprehensive approach that aligns with your objectives.
3. Preliminary Engineering:
This crucial stage in project delivery demands experience, and Systems Interface brings a wealth of it. With numerous successful projects across various disciplines and industries, we have a broad base of expertise. We're well-versed in sensor, actuator, motor, and servo technologies. Our collaborative approach ensures we derive the most effective solution to meet your project objectives and requirements.
5. Build:
We're flexible in how we handle projects. Whether working as part of an inter-company team or taking the lead as the main contractor, our project managers excel at managing relationships with subcontractors in various disciplines.

For design/build or build projects, we've got you covered with a complete UL-508A/698A panel fabrication shop. This ensures seamless support for your project, from start to finish.

2. Clear Project Scope:
Clearly document the project scope to match its requirements and specifications. This detailed plan acts as a roadmap for the automation engineering team, guiding them in creating the solution. It also helps align the project outcomes with the receiving organization, making sure everyone is on the same page.
4. Detailed Engineering:
It's all about the details. Our careful workflow and quality control process make sure we don't miss anything important during this stage. We customize a design review process based on what you need and how complex the project is, ensuring top-notch quality and accuracy. Plus, we have licensed electrical engineers in Washington State on our team, so we can handle electrical design essentials, including arc flash assessments and designs to meet specified SCCR ratings, making sure everything fits your requirements.

6. Testing & Acceptance:

System testing is crucial to guarantee positive outcomes and minimize risks. We tailor the testing approach for each project, creating an overall test and acceptance strategy. Common testing strategies include:

  • Factory Acceptance Tests

  • System/Software Stimulation Testing

  • Onsite Testing and Acceptance

This ensures a thorough testing process to ensure the success of your project.

Automation Engineering Practices

From Discrete, Batch, and Continuous Process Control to SCADA and MES/ERP Integration, we've got your needs covered. Our expertise extends to Data Reporting, Network and Cybersecure Design, Electrical Design, and Motion Engineering.

Platform Experience

Our platform experience includes Rockwell Automation, Siemens, Wonderware, Inductive Automation, Microsoft and more. You can count on us to leverage this expertise in crafting solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Automation Controls are the very core of our business. See how our highly skilled engineering team can help you with your next project.
Inspiration. Innovation. Industrial Integration.

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