Computers and Work Stations

computer workstation

Systems Interface can address your requirements for a high-end computer capability. We're skilled at equipping and configuring computers for any number of different applications. Over our 30 year history we've configured literally thousands of computers for our clients. Most of these units are for use on the demanding production plant floor, while others are positioned in the office environment and used to interface with the plant floor, sharing production information with the business enterprise.

Our clients also look to Systems Interface to apply our vast experience and a range of technical instruments for the installation and maintenance of computer system data storage, server, and network requirements.

Systems Interface has engineered and installed systems that call for rack-mount, mobile, multi-server, multi-storage, multi-network computer technology for key users and manufacturers in the production of their core goods.

CNC ConsoleIf you need an operator interface station programmed and installed on the plant floor, a supervisory work station configured to monitor a network of PLCs, or any other computer configuration, Systems Interface can provide an ideal solution for you.

Industrial Networks

Systems Interface has three decades of experience in the field of networking. Our experience includes network selection criteria, design of networks, procurement, programming, installing, testing, commissioning and training. We can address issues with Ethernet, ControlNet, DeviceNet, Data Highway Plus, Modbus, and a range of other types of networks.

We can "analyze" your operating plant floor network for data traffic performance without impacting its operation. We can also use special electrical equipment to make highly accurate assessments of the actual electrical performance of the media itself.

Add to that the fact that Systems Interface employs many skilled engineers to manage, deliver and commission office and plant networking projects, and you can see why our clients are always impressed with our ability to resolve their network problems accurately and quickly.