Telemetry Systems

Systems Interface can expertly address an array of telemetry control applications. These might include remote supervisory control systems such as used by:

Radio Panel

Case Study:

At large sporting arenas 50 or more large (3' x 14') displays might be located around the edge of the field and overhead. These signs scroll individually and synchronously to display specified images at timed intervals. Systems Interface has designed, engineered and delivered such systems, typically utilizing spread spectrum wireless modems to control and operate the unique scrolling signs.

Systems Interface designed and upgraded an existing system, equipping it with a new wireless touch screen operator control console linked to each sign. This combination of technologies allowed the user to control and program all signs with a touch screen operator interface panel. Sign operation can be performed from anywhere in the arena or stadium using the wireless radio modems. The wireless communication eliminated hours of wiring and debugging between all signs and controls, and also facilitated system operation & maintenance.