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Cyber security risk has become an increasingly critical concern for manufacturers in today’s digital landscape.  As of 2023, 64% of manufacturers have reported a cyber event. With the growing sophistication of cyber threats and their potential consequences on businesses, it is essential to address this issue with utmost care and diligence. 

In recognizing these challenges, we empathize with the need to safeguard your valuable information, assets, and reputation from today’s ever-evolving cyber threats. The reality is that no entity, regardless of its size or industry, is immune to the potential harm caused by cyber-attacks. The range of risks from data breaches and ransomware attacks to phishing attempts and malware infections is vast and constantly evolving. 

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It is typical that plant networks have grown organically over time without a guiding architectural roadmap. Unfortunately, this unplanned growth has resulted in various challenges such as network performance, reliability issues, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities.  

In an ongoing quest for operational efficiency improvements, manufacturers are investing in digital transformation initiatives pulling operational data from the factory floor into the enterprise.  A robust ethernet network infrastructure is essential to support these transformations effectively. Consequently, manufacturers are proactively taking steps to strengthen their operational networks to support this transformational strategy. This solid foundation provides the necessary network performance, reliability, and security to support a manufacturer’s digital strategy. 


When embarking on the journey to enhance the operational network, a prudent starting point is conducting a comprehensive assessment. This assessment serves as a foundation for understanding the current state of the network and identifying areas that require improvement. It involves a thorough review of both the physical and logical aspects of the network, as well as scanning for common cybersecurity vulnerabilities and exploits (CVE). Additionally, an asset inventory of network-connected systems is compiled to gain a comprehensive understanding of the network infrastructure.
The assessment serves as a valuable tool in developing a roadmap for remediation, encompassing measures to address performance, reliability, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities. 

By prioritizing the identified issues based on risk, organizations can expedite the resolution of critical issues that pose the highest threat. This risk-based approach ensures that the most pressing concerns are addressed promptly, reducing the overall risk exposure of the network.

In summary, commencing with a comprehensive assessment provides organizations with a clear understanding of their network’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas in need of improvement. It establishes a roadmap for remediation that considers performance, reliability, and cybersecurity aspects, while adopting a risk-based approach expedites the resolution of critical issues.

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