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Sustainability in action

Environmental Conservation

Proactive Solutions for environmental Conservation

Many companies are aiming for environmental goals like NET ZERO or ISO14001 certification. We understand that efficiency improvements often play a key role in achieving these objectives. That's where Systems Interface comes in. We specialize in:

Clean-in-Place (CIP) Optimization: Minimizing water, chemical, and energy usage.

Contaminated soil remediation solutions.

Energy use reduction strategies.

Power monitoring for increased efficiency.

Let us support your journey towards environmental stewardship.

Project Showcase

Environmental Case Study Needed

The muscular tug, Capt. Brian A. McAllister, named for the legendary chairman of the McAllister Towing Company, led a parade of naval vessels participating in New York City’s annual Fleet Week show.

Systems Interface designed and built the winch controls for this vessel including the HMI console and the Shared VFD Drive System for the Markey Machinery 100-hp Class III Escort winch on the bow and a 75-hp towing winch on the stern.

This tug was featured in an article in the May 2019 issue of the Professional Mariner.

Project Showcase

Environmental Case study Needed

15 miles north of Ensenada, Mexico, in Pacific waters just off the Mexican Baja, Moran’s SMBC joint venture (the initials stand for Servicios Maritimos de Baja California) has been writing a new chapter in the company’s history.

Based at the Port of Ensenada, SMBC comprises four ocean escort tugs and several support vessels. Costa Azul presents a special challenger for escort tugs. located on a remote but exposed section of the Baja coastline, it frequently experiences sea conditions that produce nearly 10-foot swells.

Markey Machinery designed and built the first of its kind, most advanced high-performance electric winch afloat. It is described as a double-drum “waterfall” design, the most powerful and responsive unit Markey Machinery has ever built. The winch’s most outstanding feature is a unique render-recover system that automatically keeps the line tension constant, compensating for the tug’s motion, thereby preventing snap-loads and breakage.

Systems Interface, a controls partner for Markey Machinery, was instrumental in the design, manufacturing, and commissioning of the winch drive and control system.
Preservation Counts

Environmental Sustainability

Systems Interface is partnered with the Washington State Department of Ecology in working with food and beverage manufacturers in the state of Washington to reduce water, chemical and energy use. We are primarily focused on reducing resource use in cleaning cycles through CIP optimization.

Toxics Reduction

Systems Interface and WA Dept. of Ecology worked together to reduce toxins at a J.M. Smucker processing site. We collaborated to put in a CIP system to help reduce water amd chemical use. Check out our video to learn more!


With the collaboration of our partners, together we are able to better protect our environment and future.

Environmental Engineering Firms

We work with other environmental engineering firms that specifically specialize, and play a big part in environmental conservation.

Impact Washington

Impact Washington offers several different "Lean Training" programs and certifications. Lean is a systematic approach to eliminating waste and maximizing value for the customer. We assist them in the work they do around this.

Washington State Department of ecology

Systems Interface is a proud partner of the Washington State Department of Ecology in helping food and beverage manufacturers in the state to reduce water, chemical (toxicity), and energy use.

Client Internal Environmental Teams

When we are taking on a new environmental project, it's quite common that we will collaborate with our client's internal environmental team to complete the project together.

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Inspiration. Innovation. Industrial Integration.

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