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Field Services

Uninterrupted production is paramount to ensuring company profitability. Despite our meticulous efforts to ensure equipment reliability, occasional breakdowns can transpire. Acknowledging the significance of minimizing customer downtime, we place utmost importance on field service requests. Our proficient engineering team, armed with vast experience across diverse applications and control system platforms, is adept at addressing critical customer issues and swiftly engaging to provide effective solutions.
Reverse engineering customer systems is central to our control system modernization process. This same skillset applies to troubleshooting and resolving customer downtime issues. Our engineering team has experience across a wide variety of control system platforms even the esoteric ones.

 In addition to bringing systems back online, we can provide additional related services: 

Backup PLC, HMI, and other software applications 

Reverse engineering and documenting systems (i.e. electrical drawings) 

Provide control system assessments including operational networks 

Develop modernization recommendations and associated roadmaps 

Application Experience:

Cranes & Winches

Bridge Systems

Machine Controls

Material Handling Systems

Batch and Continuous Process Control

Servo & VFD's





Control System Platform Experience:

Allen- Bradley



Automation Direct

Many others...

Inspiration. Innovation. Industrial Integration.

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