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We get it – inspections keep things in check. Let's work together to make sure you're on top of regulations, managing risks, and making things even better.
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Inspection Types Offered

At Systems Interface, we conduct thorough inspections and assessments within our areas of expertise. Our goal is to evaluate the current state using industry standards and best practices, offering valuable remediation recommendations to enhance performance.

Liquid Cream Yeast

We inspect and assist you with regulatory compliance readiness, maintainence reliability, sanitation, and yeast handling control.
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Control Systems

We inspect and provide assistance with obsolescence, critical documentation status, disaster recovery fitness, and modernization recommendations.
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Network & Cybersecurity

We inspect and assist you with a range of aspects, including physical equipment and installation in your network, logical architecture, configuration, performance, physical network security, and, finally, cybersecurity vulnerability assessments.
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What does it look like?

Control System evaluation

A Streamlined and Simple Approach for Combatting Obsolescence and Downtime

Initial Site Visit

Reach out to us to schedule a visit from one of our sales engineers who will conduct a guided plant site walk. During the visit, they will assess each major piece of equipment and/or process, including programmable controllers, drive systems, or HMI.

Cost Estimate

Following the initial visit, our SII sales engineer will determine the required hours and skill set for an engineering site visit. A cost estimate will then be provided to the customer, and upon acceptance, a purchase order (P.O.) is issued.


A SII engineer will then be scheduled and deployed. The assessment site visit involves a deep dive into extracting PLC & HMI programs, drive parameters, and field device training.

Data Processing

After collecting the data, our engineer staff will review the programs, and component life-cycle status, and evaluate vulnerabilities.


Finally, SII issues a final report, along with any potential issues, recommendations, and remediation solutions.

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Inspiration. Innovation. Industrial Integration.

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