In July of 2016, Systems Interface commissioned the The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) Conveyor Control System.

The RH Brown LeanLogix® Conveyor Control System physically controls various devices in the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) warehouse in order to accurately sort and distribute boxes of liquor. It monitors sensors, tracks box positions, scans barcodes, and relays this information to the Warehouse Control System (WCS) for real-time processing.

During this real-time processing, 12 messages are transmitted between the CCS and WCS for each box. Keeping all 12 messages in sync across thousands of feet of conveyor lines was no small feat, but with the help of a superb conveyor design by RH Brown, the right equipment supplied by Rockwell Automation, and the right team of engineers, Systems Interface delivered yet again.

The Main Control panel of the CCS utilizes a Rockwell Automation CompactLogix® 5370 L3 Controller that’s monitored via a FactoryTalk View SE HMI. The 2,000 feet of conveyor lines are powered by several PowerFlex 4M adjustable frequency drives.

This system, capable of processing up to 65 boxes of liquor/minute through the OLCC warehouse, was a six month endeavor lead by Project Manager Rick Aguilar. Mr. Aguilar’s immediate team consisted of SII engineers Tom Johnston, Paul Osentowski, and Jonny Wilson. Between these four, plus the hardworking SII shop technicians, nearly 1700 labor hours were dedicated towards designing, manufacturing, and implementing the CCS. While any project of this size isn’t always smooth sailing, the determination of the engineers never waned. “It makes everything easier when you have a great team,” Aguilar said of Johnston, Osentowski, and Wilson.

Systems Interface Inc has been a leading provider of industrial control systems for over 30 years, and with the experience of this project, SII is even better prepared to take jobs that are heavy on messaging and data transmission between various industrial systems. From creating the designs to manufacturing in its UL-508A/UL-698A certified shop to on-site commissioning and start-ups, SII has the capabilities and resources to provide process controls solutions for a variety of industries including material handling, marine, food production, and more.

“Systems Interface stands out as an established Puget Sound-based engineering solution resource… and this was simply another chance for us to just prove it again.”