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Legacy Migrations

All About Reducing Risk
With nearly 40 years of experience automating various industries, we understand the challenges of deciding whether to repair or replace legacy systems. Systems Interface simplifies this process for you.

Manufacturers worry about the risks posed by legacy control systems: higher costs for replacement parts, dwindling expertise, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities. However, upgrading to a modern Ethernet-connected control system mitigates these risks. It enables investment in process optimization and digital transformation, leveraging smart sensor technology for improved performance and reliability. Additionally, modern platforms can securely integrate into centralized infrastructure.

Our Approach

Why Trust Your Legacy Migration to Us?

With over a quarter of our business dedicated to legacy migrations, we're experts in various vendor methods and tools. From Allen-Bradley to Siemens, we've handled it all.

Our team can migrate systems of any scale, from small standalone setups to large distributed systems. We'll work with you to develop a migration strategy that considers production, risk, and budget, ensuring a cost-effective and low-risk path forward.

Feeling the pressure of limited downtime while modernizing your control systems? We've got you covered. Our solution seamlessly transitions PLC-5 Controllers and 1771 I/O to ControlLogix, minimizing effort and maximizing efficiency. Upgrading your HMI further enhances operational effectiveness, keeping you at the forefront of smart manufacturing. Let us future-proof your operations with minimal disruption and maximum productivity.

On PLC Migration projects of this nature, Systems Interface will work with you to upgrade the original schematics, convert the ladder logic to the new platform and fully test the control system once installed.

The amount of downtime required can vary, and we can schedule the migration to have minimal impact on your plant. We can arrange for after-hours, weekend, or scheduled maintenance downtime as well.

Systems Interface engineers are familiar with Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Texas Instruments, GE, Toshiba, and other manufacturers.
Future Proof Matters

Ready to Discuss your options?

Secure your future by migrating legacy systems to cutting-edge technology. For industrial control systems, this isn't just an option, it's a necessity for sustaining and growing your operations.
Inspiration. Innovation. Industrial Integration.

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