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Systems Interface has designed, engineered, programmed, fabricated, and installed literally thousands of PLC panels over our 35 years of business. We are a UL-508A, and UL-698A Control Panel manufacturer.


Systems Interface can specify, install, and configure the instruments you need to address your control application. We have the technicians and engineers to configure the instruments for proper operation as well as proper data communication with the central control system.

All SIZE ENCLOSURES (No Project Too Large or too small)

Whether simple or complex, the same quality engineering, design, and fabrication that goes into our large control panels also goes into our small control boxes. Contact Systems Interface if you’re looking for production of even a simple control panel. We handle all sizes.

Our facility has 25,445 square feet and is designed for both engineering and manufacturing.


In addition to UL-508A certification, the company is also capable of certifying panels as UL-698A “Industrial Control Panels Relating to Hazardous Locations”.

CNC Machine Tooling

For fully automated, fast, precise and reliable machining (drilling, thread-tapping, or milling) of mounting plates, doors, roof plates, side panels, gland plates or complete non-dismantlable enclosures.

This video shows the Perforex 1008 CNC milling Machine drilling out the hole patterns in a typical enclosure.

All materials commonly used in panel building such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and plastic may be machined very cost-effectively. Users also benefit from significantly enhanced precision.