Systems Interface is Going Green!

One re-purposed cardboard box at a time.

In April, 2021 Systems Interface purchased a simple Corrugated Cardboard shredder. This allows us to use the same cardboard boxes that our panel components come in to pack the crates of the finished industrial control panels that we ship to our clients.

We have reduced cardboard waste at our facility by 90%

Where Systems Interface used to use 10 rolls of bubble wrap to protect the control panels being shipped to a single clients site. – We are now using 1 roll.

The amount of time and space required to stack, band and ship ton’s of cardboard off the waste management facilities and landfills has also been substantially reduced.

The picture on the left is the corrugated shredder. The video on the right shows the machine in operation.

The savings has been huge – while taking one small step to reduce waste, save money and Go Green!


About the author: Brian Long

Brian Long is a Shop Assembly Foreman at Systems Interface in Mukilteo, Washington.