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Food & Beverage

Liquid Cream Yeast - Flour - Pasta
- Vinegar - Fermentation- Bottling & Canning -

Food and beverage manufacturers face many operational challenges from SKU proliferation, frequent changeovers, FDA regulations, strict GMP, frequent cleaning cycles, and resource conservation. This environment poses many additional requirements on the control and information systems operating the plant. Additionally, digital transformation is driving requirements for network reliability, performance, and security.

Systems Interface has years of experience in this critically important industry implementing process control and optimization solutions across many application domains from process control, to advance control, to track and trace/MES and information analytics.   


Getting Started

We take a requirements-based approach as we first sit down and understand the primary business and operation objectives in addition to the technical requirements. We work to develop a solution that best meets operational needs and budgetary constraints. This forms the basis of a project proposal.


  • Control System Upgrades and Optimization 

  • CIP System Evaluation and Optimization 

  • Yeast System Inspections 

  • New System Installs 

  • Operational Network Performance and Security Improvements 

  • Control System Assessments 

Application Experience

Liquid Cream Yeast Systems

Integrated Clean-in-Place (CIP) Systems

Pasta Extrusion & Drying

Vinegar Production Systems

Fruit and Vegetable Processing

Tank Farm Management

Recieving & Load Out Systems


Fermentation Control

Flour Handling





Cutting & sorting


Project Showcase

PLC-5 Upgrade for a Pasta Manufacturer

The original panel, installed in 1997, served a pasta manufacturing company with six PLC-5 processors running three lines. However, consistent failures of the obsolete 1771 output modules caused unwanted downtime. To minimize installation time, our Project Manager opted to retain the existing terminal blocks and field wiring while pre-wiring new 5069 I/O modules. The program was migrated from RSLogix 5 to Studio 5000, incorporating motor AOIs and PIDE instructions for enhanced usability and maintenance. The main challenge during startup was re-tuning the PID loops. Despite this, within a few days, the plant regained full operational functionality with a reliable Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC.
Preservation Counts

Environmental Sustainability

Systems Interface is partnered with the Washington State Department of Ecology in working with food and beverage manufacturers in the state of Washington to reduce water, chemical and energy use. We are primarily focused on reducing resource use in cleaning cycles through CIP optimization.

Toxics Reduction

Systems Interface and WA Dept. of Ecology worked together to reduce toxins at a J.M. Smucker processing site. We collaborated to put in a CIP system to help reduce water amd chemical use. Check out our video to learn more!

Ingredient Storage Tanks

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Inspiration. Innovation. Industrial Integration.

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