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Commanding the Waves: Precision Deck Controls

Marine Deck
Machinery Controls

Winches - Cranes - Hoists - Alarm Systems - Work Boats - Tugs - Barges - Oceanographic Research Vessels

Requirements for marine control systems are rigorous. The system hardware must be able to withstand the harsh marine environment and deliver the utmost reliability as work boat downtime is costly. The system must meet the operational requirements in varying sea states and under daily operational use. Systems must also meet ABS requirements.

Systems Interface is proud to partner with Markey Machine in the delivery of automated deck machinery. We take a requirements-based approach to the build or retrofit project to ensure that the equipment customization meets the operational and maintenance needs of the customer organization.

Performant & Powerful

Render/Recover® is registered trademark of the Markey Machinery Company, Seattle WA. Click the link below to learn more about how tough the Markey ARR Winch Systems is.
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System Core Capabilities: 

  • Automated Winch Systems 

    • Hands-Free operation(NexGen Controls) - Fully Automatic Class III Asymmetric Render/Recover Operation up to 3 meters sea state 

    • Snap load elimination in offshore difficult sea states 

    • Embedded process  for efficient bollard pull scope and tension calibration with drum layer compensation 

    • Integrated data capture to support customer system analytics and system support 

    • Best-in-class design iteration with over 300 systems and 30+ years of experience 

    • Class Il and Class II+ Hawser Winches 

  • Vessel Management and Alarm Systems 

  • Mining Barge Controls 

  • Cranes 

  • Davits 


Getting Started

Our Stream-lined and Simple Approach

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Reach out to our expertise Marine team to get your journey started.


We'll refer you to a naval/marine architect for design as appropiate.

Design Process

We take a requirements-based design approach with your needs at the forefront of the process.

System Modeling

Utilize mathematical modeling to pinpoint the optimal, cost-effective, and efficient solution tailored to your specific performance needs.

Design Proposal

We will provide you with a design proposal and make any necessary changes.


Our highly experienced shop will start the build process.

Deploy & Test

Our build then goes through rigorous testing before being shipped to you.

Project Showcase

McAllister Tug

The muscular tug, Capt. Brian A. McAllister, named for the legendary chairman of the McAllister Towing Company, led a parade of naval vessels participating in New York City’s annual Fleet Week show.

Systems Interface designed and built the winch controls for this vessel including the HMI console and the Shared VFD Drive System for the Markey Machinery 100-hp Class III Escort winch on the bow and a 75-hp towing winch on the stern.

This tug was featured in an article in the May 2019 issue of the Professional Mariner.

Project Showcase


15 miles north of Ensenada, Mexico, in Pacific waters just off the Mexican Baja, Moran’s SMBC joint venture (the initials stand for Servicios Maritimos de Baja California) has been writing a new chapter in the company’s history.

Based at the Port of Ensenada, SMBC comprises four ocean escort tugs and several support vessels. Costa Azul presents a special challenger for escort tugs. located on a remote but exposed section of the Baja coastline, it frequently experiences sea conditions that produce nearly 10-foot swells.

Markey Machinery designed and built the first of its kind, most advanced high-performance electric winch afloat. It is described as a double-drum “waterfall” design, the most powerful and responsive unit Markey Machinery has ever built. The winch’s most outstanding feature is a unique render-recover system that automatically keeps the line tension constant, compensating for the tug’s motion, thereby preventing snap-loads and breakage.

Systems Interface, a controls partner for Markey Machinery, was instrumental in the design, manufacturing, and commissioning of the winch drive and control system.

Service & Support

Service and support are critical to maintaining the levels of uptime required for this industry. We offer on-boat services and remote troubleshooting.

Sentinel Inspections

We provide a maintenance assessment and service of equipement

On boat troubleshooting and service

One of our experienced engineers can come on board and provide hands on service.

Remote Support

With a hardened laptop kit with cellular remote access, remote troubleshotting of system issues will save you cost and time in resolving issues.

Spare Parts

We find and provide you with all the spare parts you might need while out on the waters.

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