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Material Handling

Warehousing & Conveyor Applications
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Material Handling

As industrial control systems integrators, we optimize material handling operations by incorporating advanced technologies such as conveyors and robotics. We serve as architects of operational precision, designing, engineering, integrating, and managing systems to improve warehouse or distribution center storage capacity and flow.

apple Sorting Facility

This video is of a typical camera setup for a conveying system. These hi-speed camera’s offer the perfect solution for high speed sorting

Warehouse Automation Update in Jacksonville, FL

Step 1: Innovative Barcode Imaging
We've implemented a state-of-the-art system featuring three Cognex Dataman 360 imagers. They efficiently read up to 5 barcodes on each passing box with remarkable precision.

Step 2: Seamless Data Transmission
The PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) packages these barcode data into a message and seamlessly transmits it via TCP/Socket to a dedicated server on-site.

Step 3: Real-Time Communication
The server, located in Issaquah, Washington, is constantly in touch with the process, returning essential label information swiftly and accurately.

Step 4: Dynamic Labeling
Our intelligent processor interprets the label info and directs one of three print-and-apply machines (PandA) to print and apply labels in real time.

Project Showcase

HMI Screen of Conveyors
Warehouse Overview

Warehouse Automation Update in Jacksonville, FL (cont.)

Step 5: Precision Application
The processor coordinates with the print and apply machine(s) to ensure labels are accurately applied to each package as it travels through the system.

Step 6: Continuous Verification
An additional imager array, positioned after the applicators, reads all labels on the cases and reports them back to the PLC for quality control.

Step 7: Efficient Data Packaging
The PLC packages this information into another TCP/Socket message for the server.

Step 8: Error-Free Sorting
The server's intelligent algorithms determine if the label is correctly applied. If not, the case is promptly rejected, and an error message is generated and logged in our Ignition HMI.

Step 9-12: Smooth Routing
Once the package reaches the high-speed shoe sorter, we read the label applied and request a destination from the server. The server promptly returns the destination, allowing us to track the case to its rightful location, divert it accurately, and systematically

Additional Applications

In addition to roller conveyors, we also do air, chain, belt and lineshaft roller conveyors.

Packaging for Bottles and cans


Fruit Sorting/Conveyor Controls

Mining, gravel, barge load out, and coal conveyors

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Inspiration. Innovation. Industrial Integration.

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