The Importance of PLC Migration

Are you aware that the Allen-Bradley PLC-5 was discontinued by Rockwell Automation in June of 2017 after a successful 30-year service life? Sourcing dependable PLC-5 hardware from 3rd parties involves risk in getting reliable replacement parts. As with all legacy equipment, obtaining effective support becomes more difficult as time moves on.

Migrating from PLC-5 to a modern ControlLogix® platform eliminates obsolescence risk and provides additional benefits:

  1. The modern ControlLogix® platform enables manufacturers to more readily implement process changes on the plant floor with modern software arechitecture and programming tools.
  2. ControlLogix®coupled with a modern HMI provides better operational visibility into manufacturing processes enabling better operational decision making.
  3. ControlLogix® is an ethernet based structured tag control system that is foundational for information enablement demanded by manufacturers for data-driven decision making.

Our team has experience migrating PLC-5 systems from small 100 I/O standalone systems to large distributed 2500+ I/O systems to ControlLogix®. Through our project experience delploying systems with the Rockwell Automation migration solutions, we can help you develop a migration strategy that considers both production risk and budget. We are confident that through our extensive project experience we can provide you with a cost-effective risk-reduced path.

Contact Systems Interface for a discussion on how to move forward with your migration plan: Request a PLC Migration Proposal by Email from Systems Interface.

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An Example

Systems Interface has been working with many of our clients to upgrade their machinery and control systems. The two pictures below are from a recent conversion from a PLC-5 to a CompactLogix® PLC.

Before: AB PLC 5 System

The picture on the left is a legacy Allen-Bradley PLC 5 Control System shown prior to the conversion. The picture on the right is the same panel after Systems Interface upgraded it to a Rockwell Automation CompactLogix® PLC System.

On PLC Migration projects of this nature, Systems Interface will work with you to upgrade the original schematics, convert the ladder logic to the new platform and fully test the control system once installed.

The amount of downtime required can vary, and we can schedule the migration to have minimal impact on your plant. We can arrange for after hours, weekend, or scheduled maintenance downtime as well.

Systems Interface engineers are familiar with Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Texas Instruments, GE, Toshiba and other manufacturers.

After: AB CompactLogix® System