Newhalem Dam - Process Control


Systems Interface Inc. is a control Systems Integration engineering firm that has experience and skills in numerous areas of process controls.

Programmable Logic Controller Applications

Systems Interface has designed, engineered, and programmed Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) from all the major manufacturers over the last quarter century. We still support these systems to this day.

We upgrade process control systems all the time as technology changes and improved methods of control are developed.

We have the documentation and support software for numerous brands of PLCs, including:

PLC architectures include stand-alone, remote I/O & fieldbus, master / slave systems, redundant hot-backup systems, and multi-family systems.

Most importantly, when Systems Interface programs your PLC, you will receive a copy of all application software. We don’t lock anything up or hold anything back that you may need years later to support your system. Plus, for your security, we keep a copy of the program on file. If your PLC ever needs to have its program re-loaded, we’re here to support you.