Pick and Place Robotics

Systems Interface provides the engineering and manufacturing expertise for a wide variety of industrial robot applications.

Whether the client’s robotic application is related to material handling, process control, pick and place, sorting or other applications, Systems Interface has over 30 years of automation experience to draw upon. The following video’s show a typical pick and place application and a quality control sorting application.

Systems Interface engineers adhere to the following guidelines while designing your robotic application.

  •  On site examination of the application taking into consideration the design criteria for increased production, reduced risk, improved quality control, funding requirements, employee safety aspects, NEC and UL Code criteria, degree of sophistication for control and operator interface, and support needs.
  •  Preliminary proposal development that outlines the kinds of robot mechanical and electrical devices that are the best fit for the application, including the manufacturer and type of PLC or dedicated robot controller, style of robot, kinds of motors and matching precision gear boxes, style of end effector, 2D or 3D camera systems, singular or multiple lighting products, safety barriers, ancillary devices such as lasers, proximity switches, encoders, VFD’s, photo-eyes, bar code readers, Human Machine Interface models, and communication options between the electronic equipment.
  •  Final design solutions that detail all the facets that govern a very well synchronized robot work cell solution set — which can include the work cells functionality to be expanded or modified to meet the client’s anticipated future requirements. The final design is directed to meeting the client’s criteria in terms of project cost with the results of increased production, improved safety, and better quality control.

Systems Interface works with clients so that our final deliverable is not only well designed, but will be well supported over the long term. We provide the following services with each work cell project.

  •  Kick off meeting for the Systems Interface Team to meet with the client for establishing the agreed upon goals and metrics for the robotics project.
  •  On-going communications between our Project Team and the client as the project evolves, keeping the client informed of any new developments or products that could improve their ROI.
  •  FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) at Systems Interface so that the client has an opportunity to see the robot system working prior to the actual delivery to his plant.
  • Training for the client so that they are well versed in the operation and maintenance of the robotic equipment.
  • O&M Manuals for the devices in the work cell.
  • Clear, annotated documentation for the software code used in the robot Controller and operator interface terminal.
  • Electrical drawing sets which include panel layout, detailed BOM, wiring schematics, interconnect wiring to field sensors and control elements.

“The world of robotics is evolving quickly, and implementing robot solutions is becoming more widely recognized as a smart way to increase productivity, improve worker safety, and enhance quality control. We can work closely with you to develop a solution that best fits your needs.”