RSView 32 End of Life Announcement & Migration to FactoryTalk® View SE

Rockwell Automation has announced that the HMI package that may have been the mainstay of your operation has been discontinued. It has been a workhorse, but in order to exploit newer technologies like cloud computing, virtualization, mobility, thin clients and more they are moving to FactoryTalk® View SE.

FactoryTalk® View Site Edition (SE) supports importing and reusing existing project code. The conversion process successfully retains most of the core RSView32 project, including graphic displays, animated objects, text, tags, alarms, expressions, and macros.

Pictures from a representative FactoryTalk View SE project!

Migrating from RSView32 to a modern FactoryTalk® View SE platform eliminates obsolescence risk and provides additional benefits:

  • FactoryTalk View SE supports both stand-alone and distributed versions. The stand-alone version, called FactoryTalk View SE Station, has characteristics in common with RSView32 runtime software.
  • The FactoryTalk View SE distributed components include FactoryTalk View Sudio, FactoryTalk View SE Server, and FactoryTalk View SE Client. The distributed version has many of the same capabilities as RSView32 Active Display System.
  • Because RSView32 and FactoryTalk View SIte Edition are designed using different underlying architectures, there are a number of differences in the way in which project elements work within the two products.


  • New Functionality and reusable content
  • Premier integration with the Logix family of controllers
  • Alarm management with FactoryTalk Alarms and Events
  • Support for mobile users with FactoryTalk Viewpoint
  • Integration with ThinManager think client management software
  • Integration with FactoryTalk AssetCentre for asset management

Our team has experience migrating RSView32 systems from small 100 I/O standalone systems to large distributed FactoryTalk View SE HMI systems. Through our project experience deploying systems with the Rockwell Automation migration solutions, we can help you develop a migration strategy that considers both production risk and budget. We are confident that through our extensive project experience we can provide you with a cost-effective risk-reduced path.

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