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McAllister Tugs

The muscular tug, Capt. Brian A McAllister, named for the legendary chairman of the McAllister Towing Company, led a parade of naval vessels participating in the New York City's annual Fleet Week show.

Systems Interface designed and built the winch controls for this vessel including the HMI console and the Shared VFD Drive System for the Markey Machinery 100-hp Class III Escort winch on the bow and a 75-hp towing winch on the stern.

This tug was featured in an article in the May 2019 issue of the Professional Mariner. Professional Mariner. A complete copy of the article can be accessed by clicking on this link". Capt. Brian A. McAllister

Bake Show

"The (Escort) winch is probably the best thing on this boat, but everything about this boat is powerful." said Capt. Jesse Wynn."

Versatility is also addressed in the new class of tug. The two winches are more than capable for escort, assist, rescue and ocean towing assignments.

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