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Fresh Water & Wastewater Control Systems ---

A main focus of Systems Interface is the support of municipal water districts by providing high quality, economic control systems for wells, lift stations, reservoirs, or wastewater treatment facility’s.

Our experience encompasses all manner of communications, including land line, cell phone, radio and satellite. Systems are designed according to the needs of the water district to provide reporting, alarming, data analysis and are designed to be expanded as the water districts needs grow and expand.

Systems Interface designs and delivers both fresh water and wastewater control systems around existing infrastructure. We also provide upgrades to existing equipment to provide better communication or control capabilities as required. A typical system will consist of Rockwell Automation or Siemens PLCs, Ethernet-based Remote I/O, Fiber Optic Networking, Operator Interface Touchscreens, and Industrial Automation software using for reporting, archiving, trending and alarming.

Industry Recognized


This recognition is extended to Rockwell Automation System integrator partners that:

  • Demonstrate competencies in Rockwell Automation technologies and application expertise.
  • Have a proven track record of delivering successful automation projects in the water wastewater industry.
  • Provide a differentiated customer experience.

Project Examples:

City of Edmonds

Upgraded water system telemetry and integrated the existing sewer tone telemetry system.

Value: $1,500,000

  • Designed, manufactured, implemented and started up a complete SCADA & Telemetry System for 13 Lift Stations & 6 water stations.
  • Headquarters data collection chart recorders were replaced with KOYO PLCs that display information on SCADA workstations running Wonderware InTouch.
  • Integrated WIN 911 allowing remote alarm dialing capabilities and report functinoality to the SCADA system.
  • Professional Engineering to Design Electrical, Control System, and Instrumentation Specifications for several lift stations, reservoirs and booster pump sites.

Lakehaven Utility District

Recommissioned the entire Wastewater Treatment Plant and Water Distribution system to ensure proper automatic operation of the treatment process.

Value: $1,500,000

  • The wastewater treatment plant control system consists of a redundant Siemens Simatic TI565 PLC, two SCADA master workstations running Wonderware InTouch and SQL software.
  • The water distribution system utilizes Wonderware InTouch and SQL softare along with a TI545 PLC at the headquarters and PLC Direct RTU’s utilizing spread spectrum radio modems.
  • Tasks included all PLC programming, SCADA programming, control loop tuning, etc.
  • Tasks also included Variable Frequency Drive review and replacement specifications, as-built documentation and commissioning.

Skagit County Public Utility District #1

Provided instrumentation and control systems for 18 water stations utilizing Rockwell Automation PLCs and Operator Interface units.

Value: $140,000

  • Provided Professional Engineering, control systems fabrication, programming and maintainance services.
  • Upgraded the telemetry sytsem to utilize Ethernet networking – based on radio systems, DSL lines, Cable modems, and fiber optics.
  • Upgraded headquarters SCADA systems to utilize Wonderware Intouch, and SQL database interfaces.

King County Water District No. 90

Project Management and engineering for integration of a ten (10) site telemetry and control system.

Value: $700,000

  • Utilized Koyo/PLC Direct DL450 PLCS, Control Microsystems leased-line modems, and a PC based SCADA system.
  • Design and implementation of Wonderware Intouch SCADA software, including Microsoft SQL server, Visual Basic 6.0 and Access Database programming.
  • Installation and startup of telemetry panels.
  • Preparation of operation and maintenance materials and training of personnel.
  • Integration of new fresh water wells and water treatment plant.
  • Continued maintenance and engineering support.

Available Professional Services

  • Conceptual Design (including budgetary analysis.
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Systems.
  • Leased and Dial-up Telephone Line network systems.
  • FCC Licensed, Fixed-Frequency radio networks (including site surveys).
  • Spread Sprectrum radio networks (including site surveys).
  • Cellular-based Data Telemetry.
  • Specification Development and Design.
  • Industrial Controller, PLC, and RTU Programming Services.
  • Computer system programming (including SQL, Visual Basic, HTML, C, etc.).
  • Control Panel Manufacturing (UL-508A and ETL Certified).
  • Hazardous Area (explosive atmosphere) Control Panels (UL-698A).
  • Variable Speed Drive Panels.
  • Startup and Commissioning.

If you have a Fresh Water or Wastewater Control System requirement, we would welcome the opportunity to review your application and develop a cost effective solution. REQUEST A QUOTE